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The times continue to change, and at Mobile MDG Group, serving the needs of law enforcement agencies for 45 years.
These changes include Mobile Detection,  Forensic Devices, Technology, advance  tools, and regulations changes.
Roadside oral drug test with confirmation (GCMS,LS/MC/MS)

Let us partner with you in your efforts to keep our roads and neighborhoods safe!

MDG provides probable cause tools and consulting services to assist local and state law enforcement agencies in the procurement and use of these tools.

 Field Sobriety Detection Devices
 Drug Detection Devices
 Urine Panel Detection (Drug & K2)
Detection Tool Guidelines

Roadside drug testing
Criminal Justice -EtG, oral drug test
Digital  Smart test & reader  tracking

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MDG takes great pride in our ability to meet a variety of needs. We invite you to explore our Services and  Tools for detail solutions we offer.

  The products and services are available for forensic use for purchase by Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and other Authorized Entities
The products & services provided by MDG for forensic purpose's only.