MDG Mobile Detection Devices for Schools & Law E#nforcement the Solution Provider for Courts Systems & Law Enforcement  
                MDG               Mobile Detection Devices        for Schools & Law E#nforcement                the Solution Provider             for               Courts Systems & Law Enforcement                                                                 

                                                 The Solution Provider MDG                                                                               -drug-alcohol-duid devices-moblie detection device                                                                              for Law Enforcement

Located in the Chicagoland area, the staff at MDG offers over 45 years of experience serving law enforcement, miltary, probate, correctional agencies, medical and corporate communities.

The products offered have changed over the years…keeping up with advanced technology as it continues to change. When you choose to work with and purchase probable cause testing tools through MDG, you know for certain you are acquiring the                                                 latest technology available.

Our relationships with law enforcement agencies are concentrated across the Midwest; however, we are available to meet the needs across the nation as well.  Whether your needs are large, small, one-time, or long-term, MDG is here to serve and assist you.

 let us help you solve other field needs you don’t see available through our site. 

We want to be your partner for solutions. Give us a try. 
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