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 Alcohol Breath tester

Alcohol tester 

Complete kit $249.00
no need to calibrate... rplace cell on site           


with Prism Technology

this is the replacable fuel cell . that done in the field


The Revo combines the revolutionary innovation of PRISM technology with state-of-the-art fuel-cell precision offers the most reliable, convenient and accurate commercial Law Enforcement breathalyzer available on the market.

PRISM technology
 solves the problem of (the mail-back re-calibration required of all typical breathalyzers)
 using  a Pre-calibrated (fuel cell) Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Modules(PRISM) that can be  swapped out directly by the end user instantly, eliminating up to weeks of downtime caused by  typical re-calibration

 Benefits results

- Pre-calibrated (fuel cell) Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module (PRISM) Technology
- Fuel-Cell Alcohol Sensor for MaximumAccuracy

- DOT Approved for Law Enforcement
  (Accuracy +/-0.005 at 0.100 g/dL)
- Easy One-Button Operation
- Back-Lit 4-Digit (0.000%) LCD Results
- Active Pressure Sensor / Deep-Lung Air Sampling
- Cumulative Test Counter / Audible Alerts / Low Battery Indicator

PRISM technology is an exclusively patented feature only available with AlcoMate breath alcohol testers (US Patent No.7,841,224B2, also worldwide).

 " Revo" is the first and only breath alcohol tester that combines PRISM technology with advanced fuel-cell precision for the perfect combination of reliable accuracy and convenience with no downtime

Target Users
Government Approvals for Law Enforcement

Trusted for Use By  
(Department of Transportation) 
 (National Highway Traffic &Safety Administration) 


- Military Personnel
- Law Enforcement 


- Medical Professionals
   Law Enforcement
   Court Systems


Case features a sturdy, re-inforced ABS exterior with a padded interior for superior protection of the Revo      and accessories 

Case includes:Revo Breathalyzer, User’s Manual, 2 x AAA Batteries, Carrying Pouch,
5 x 10 Mouthpieces, pre-installed fuel-cell PRISM  (sensor module)                                                       Specifications

AlcoholSensor State of the Art Fuel Cell
DetectionRange  0.000%-0.400%BAC(g/dL)
Calibration No mail backcalibration
sensor modules are replaced directly by end user

each 1000 tests or at least yearly
Breath Sampling Time  4+seconds(Deep-LungAir)
Sensor Accuracy  +/-0.005at0.100g/dL

Display 4digi tDecimalLCD(0.000%)
Battery Two1.5VAAA alkaline(included)
Weight 3.2oz(including batteries)
Dimensions 4.0x2.0x0.6inches