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A Simple Touch

  Alcohol Breath tester  ...the revolutionary innovation of Prism technology
with the state-of-the-fuel cell precision offers the most reliable
convenient & accurate commerical breathalyer available on the market


Alcohol Testing
 could be so easy

Prism technology solves (the problem of the mail back re-calbration required of 
all typical breathalzers) but using Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Modules
(PRISM) that can be swapped out directly by the end user instantly,eliminating up to weeks of downtime caused by typical re-calibration or fuel cell replacement


Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module (PRISM) Technology



Quick & Simple to use

 .  Fuel-Cell Alcohol Sensor for Maximum Accuray

 . DOT Approved for Law Enforcement
. Easy One-Button Operations
. Back-Lit 4-Digit LCD Results
.Active Pressure Sensor/Deep -Lung Air Sampling
Cumulative Test Counter/Audible Alerts?Low Battery Indicator

Cost -effective
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Memory supports thousands of users & hundreds of test on each user

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