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Pia system is universally used by law enforcement
and other agencies throughout Germany, France, Austria,
and has just, after extensive testing of all available
technologies, been chosen by Swiss government
for exclusive use by it’s agencies.
The PIA system is portable and can be easily carried
an used by an officer anywhere.



                the Instrument is the only mobile hand-held analyzer system
                           semi-quantitative OR qualitative analysis 
                                              drugs of abuse
                                      a variety of sample matrixes
             oral, saliva, surface, sweat, substance, blood, urine, and serum                            

                   •The quantitative oral version tests for eight drugs in ten minutes 
                              onsite or onsite at roadside for probable cause
                  AMP, MAMP, COC, OPI, THC, BZO, MTD, and MDMA
                              •Cause Probable  or Evidentiary purposes:
                              •Utilizing an intuitive menu-driven operation
                          P.I.A. is convenient to use anytime/anyplace

         •Original sample is retained for confirmation, if desired
         •30 tests per hour can be performed by barcode and/or user integrated DL ID
         •Results can be saved, shown to suspect, w/data viewer connection
                                                  to PC or laptop
         •System is portable w/carrying case for all components: P.I.A. Instrument, Printer,                                SD Card, USB Cord, and Power Supply Unit.

P.I.A. with carry case