MDG Mobile Detection Devices for Forensic Use   the Solution Provider for Results Law Enforcement
                MDG               Mobile Detection Devices                  for Forensic Use                  the Solution Provider                   for                   Results                                                                   Law Enforcement                                                 

 Revo combines the revolutionary innovation
PRISM technology
state-of-the-art fuel-cell precision
offers the most reliable, convenient and accurate
Law Enforcement breathalyzer available on the market

Test up to 16 different Drugs

eliminates Cross - Gender collection issues
Easy & Convenient to use
One step collection & Testing
Non- Invasive
No Instrementation




Onsite Testing Has Gone Digital

Say "GOODBYE" to reading lines and manually documenting results

Welcome To Smart Screens!

Digitally Choose Your Panels

Instantly read and record results, temperature, and volume

Detect an endless amount of drug combinations every time, from one device, for one low click the drugs

Comes in 16 drug urine (soon to be 24) and 14 drug saliva

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