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New Smart Test

Onsite Testing Has Gone Digital

Say "GOODBYE" to reading lines and manually documenting results

Welcome To Smart Screens!

Digitally Choose Your Panels

Instantly read and record results + tracking

Detect an endless amount of drug combinations every time, from one device, for one low click the drugs

Comes in 16 drug urine (soon to be 24) and 14 drug saliva

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Limited time $249.00
Risk free -90 day guarantee

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EtG 80hr window

New Revo alcohol tester
        no calibration

no need to calibrate- replace cell on site.


From Medical Dimension Group

When You Need to Know Go with The Flow
Complete line of both CLIA Waived and Forensic use only Drug Testing Products
Since 2007, Vistaflow has earned the reputation of being the go to drug test for detecting todays drugs of abuse Instant onsite results
Over 1,000 criminal justice agencies reply on Vistaflow every day to effectively and accurately monitor and detect drug use. Nothing tells the real story like Vistaflow from Medical Dimension Group

Urine Drug test
instant onsite results

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The VistaFlow Oral Fluid Testing
detects drugs of abuse in saliva

Fentanyl, 6AM Heroin, K2 Plus (most popular strand), Alcohol, Ketamine, and many more
Advanced collection chamber design makes for fast, accurate, easy to read results in minutes
Volume indicator on applicator to know when enough sample is collected
Volume Indicator
Volume indicator turns RED when enough sample has been collected
Advanced Design
Advanced collection chamber design for fast, easy to read results
More OptionsOver 25 drugs of abuse to choose from
Customizable Custom Builds meeting your specifications


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